Second Transnational Project Meeting EnMind in Italy

On the 4th of November, out team participated in the second transnational meeting of the project Entrepreneurial Mindset, which took place in Italy. The meeting was hosted by our partners from Italy, Co-labory. We also met our partners from Poland, Inbie, and from Turkey, Governorship of Istanbul.

During the meeting we talked about:

  • The toolkit on social entrepreneurship;
  • Testing and evaluation of the course;
  • MOOCs;
  • Dissemination plans..
  • and many more!

The focus of the meeting was on generating messages to prepare the piloting of the courses:

  • messages to increase target groups’ awareness of the project
  • messages to include different networks of youth workers in the community of project
  • messages to disseminate innovative instructional strategies and activities all over Europe
  • messages to research communities related to initiatives to increase employability of youth
  • messages to influence follow-up towards adopting and/or changing curricula for applying innovative activities and trigger target group’s interest and engagement.

What is next? 

  • Promotion of the pilot test, that will take place in Turkey, during mobility of youth workers/staff member.
  • Recruitment of up to 5 local young people from Turkey directly involved to test and evaluate the Toolkit on social entrepreneurship during Mobility in Turkey.

Read more about it here: EN | ROIT | PL | TR

Location: Trani, Italy

Date: 4th of November 2021

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