CIRECO Focus Group with adult learners, May 2023, Romania

On 22 May, TEAM4Excellence organised a focus group as part of the THINK CirEco project. The event took place at the Maritime University of Constanta and was attended by 15 participants, with and without experience in entrepreneurship. The aim of the focus group was to assess the learning needs in the area of EntreComp and the Circular Economy.

Nicoleta Acomi presented what the circular economy is and what the THINK CirEco project aims to achieve. Most participants were not familiar with the concepts of circular economy and its relation to entrepreneurship. So, they gained new knowledge and were introduced to how THINK CirEco partners will work together to provide educational materials to support them.

During the focus group, participants discovered the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework and the user guide comprising 70+ examples of activities to inspire, enable and equip them to build their entrepreneurial mindset. They discussed and explored the knowledge, skills and attitudes that people need to be entrepreneurial and create financial, cultural or social value for others.

In addition, the facilitator invited the participants to visualize training on EntreComp applied to Circular Economy. The majority were of the opinion that real-life examples are the most relevant and motivating types of educational content. Following the focus group we concluded that there is a need for education about the circular economy, as these practices are not known to the general public.


Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 22nd of May 2023

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