The Second Transnnational Project Meeting, October 2023, Romania

On the 10th of October 2023, the partners of the Erasmus+ THINKCirEco project met in Agigea, Romania for the second transnational meeting of the project. The meeting was hosted by TEAM4Excellence Association with the aim of discussing and planning various aspects of the project results.

The meeting was attended by delegates from partner organisations:

The day commenced with a warm welcome from TEAM4Excellence, setting the tone for a day filled with collaboration and progress. Our meeting agenda, expertly presented by Formative Footprint, shed light on our project tasks and responsibilities, with a particular focus on our future educational materials on circular economy.  The spotlight was on our training content development and peer review, where we dissused to refine and improve our materials. In the spirit of teamwork, Madiba requested assistance for the module course, and the peer-review process was introduced. We also addressed some important concerns surrounding assessment and pilot testing, ensuring that we proceed with precision.

The partners also discussed the production of the ThinkCIRECO inspirational videos with entrepreneurs. Then, regarding the training course we will implement, we opted for Moodle to deliver our content to NEETs and low-skilled adults, promoting independent self-study. The LTTA Mobility in Spain was unveiled, and it was heartening to see all partners coming together for this training. Dates were set and roles were defined.

A reminder was shared about sharing our first newsletter and spreading our project plans and results. The Social Media plan was a key aspect discussed, reinforcing our commitment to promoting our goals. In terms of coordination, we set the reporting and payment details, ensuring everyone is aligned on this.


Date: 10th of  October 2023

Location: Agigea, Romania

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