Bias By Us

BiasByUs call for international volunteers

Name: BiasByUs

Topics: European Solidarity Corps project for improving the digital and media skills of youth in our community

Organization: TEAM4Excellence

Duration: October 2022 – September 2023

Location: Constanța, România

Deadline: ASAP

Be part of our beautiful community in Constanta for 8-12 months, while developing the competences of youth from Constanta to deal with media and disinformation through non-formal education.

We are looking for 4 volunteers from EU with complementary skills in training, pedagogy, journalism, marketing and communication to plan, deliver, evaluate and promote online & offline educational activities with youth.

Volunteer’s profile:

  • Age 18-30 (most of our volunteers are @23 years old);
  • Good English (preferably into C1-C2 area but B2 also acceptable);
  • Digital skills: content management, social media, graphic design, video editing OR teaching/training OR web design, IT OR project management;
  • Work in teams with initiative, independence and creativity;
  • Interested in non-formal education and youth
  • Wants to develop skills and add competences to the personal and professional portfolio

See our team:

The project: AIMS at improving the digital and media skills of youth in our community.


  • Develop the competences of youth from Constanta to deal with media;
  • Increase the awareness of tools and tactics to fight against disinformation in the community;
  • Improve the skills and competencies of 4 EU volunteers to offer high-quality solidarity activities;

Target GROUPS:

  • Young people of age 11-22;
  • Secondary schools, high schools, universities, other stakeholders from Constanta;

ACTIVITIES: non-formal training and workshops in schools, universities and youth centres; office activities.

BiasByUs is a WIN-WIN-WIN program that brings together volunteers, young people and local communities to respond to societal challenges. In this concept, everyone wins.
What’s in for you? Improved values, attitudes, behaviours, knowledge, experience, skills.

We beat mathematics: 1+1=4

What does this mean: 1 volunteer (you) + 1 organisation (us) will generate added value by the end of the project for the volunteer 1.5 + 1.5 for the organisation + 1 for the community = 4.

Project DURATION: 8-12 months

Venue: The project takes place in CONSTANTA, Romania.

What our previous volunteers did:

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