Short-Term Joint Staff Training on social entrepreneurship

During 25-27 of June 2022, our EnMind team took part in the “Short-Term Joint Staff Training on social entrepreneurship”, hosted by Istanbul Valiligi, from Turkey within the Erasmus + Partnership Entrepreneurial Mindset. This project aims to encourage entrepreneurship and unlock the growth potential of European young people, in particular, the NEETs and the economy.

The course was attended by youth workers from all project partners:

Co-Labolatory from Italy
Instytut Badan i Innowacji w Edukacji from Poland
Istanbul Valiligi from Turkey
Team4Excellence Association from Romania

Participants discussed the theoretical aspects of social entrepreneurship and were guided by course organizers to explore the EnMind platform on social entrepreneurship as well as the practical activities. Also, they learned to use “MOOC on social entrepreneurship” to train, guide, and evaluate the learning outcomes of young people. The next day was dedicated to a workshop about practical aspects of social entrepreneurship and practical activities. Participants learned to create the perfect Elevator Pitch under the guidance of INBIE, who put in the scene the practical activity with the title: Pitch your start-up. Being very involved and motivated to further implement this activity, they confirmed the relevance for improvement of the quality of youth work. On the last day, youth workers worked under the guidance of the TEAM4Excellence on defining a business model and deployment of activity results. Finally, the participants took part in the evaluation activities, self-reflected for filling in the Europass certificates, and concluded on the skills and competencies of trainers and youth workers to encourage social entrepreneurship.

Among the benefits of taking part in this international training, it is worth mentioning that the course:
• build the capacity of the participants
• prepare them to use the elaborated project outputs at local, regional, national, and EU levels
• train and guide participants on the usage of the project ‘’Toolkit on social entrepreneurship’’, ‘’MOOC on social entrepreneurship and the ‘’EnMind Platform’’
• supported the users of the EnMind project during the delivery of the project outputs during the piloting phases, through training and mentoring
• monitored the impact of the application of the project outputs on other experts in order to make its application sustainable at the regional level after the project completion


Read more about it here: EN | PL | RO | IT | TR

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Date: 27-29th June, 2022


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