GreenHive Transnational Project Meeting

Between 30 and 31st of May TEAM4Excellence together with representatives from the GreenHive project partners participated in a transnational project meeting that took place in Athens, Greece. This meeting focused on reviewing progress and planning the next stages of the GreenHive project.

The event began with a warm welcome, followed by a presentation of the WP3 toolkit for setting up and managing GreenCombs. Discussion continued with outlining the next steps for developing educational resources for GreenCombs in WP4, covering the upcoming Virtual Knowledge Fair and training for Combs.

Then, project partners reviewed the project management, emphasizing key deliverables, milestones, and the project timeline. They also discussed strategies for enhancing communications and maintaining high standards through quality assurance.

The transnational project meeting continued with discussions on the design and development of the GreenHive ecosystem in WP5. Participants introduced plans for GreenCombs migration, onboarding, and an upcoming European contest.

The meeting concluded with an open floor session, allowing partners to raise additional topics.


Location: Athens, Greece

Date: 30-31st May 2024

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