What you give, what you have, what you want to leave behind of who you are

On December 9th 2022, TEAM4Excellence organised the workshop What you give, what you have, what you want to leave behind of who you are for seniors and adult educators in Constanta, Romania. The activity presented comes as a result of a request from participants who attended the SENIOR multiplier event held on 27 October 2022, who wanted more events with and about seniors on a local level. We created and shared flayers with information about the Erasmus+ project and a QR code to the course on the SENIOR platform. Before the participants arrived, sheets with questions from the workshop were placed on the tables, as well as SENIOR magazines containing workshop scenarios that can be implemented by adult educators and their organisations.

After we welcomed our participants, Nicoleta Acomi from TEAM4Excellence together with the workshop facilitator, Mrs. Alina Bostina presented the SENIOR project and the activity. Between 14.00 and 16.00 the workshop took place, where the participants communicated freely and received insight into the challenges that come with age. After the workshop, participants were invited to a networking session and a buffet.

The activity focused on personal questioning designed to boost seniors’ self-esteem, raising their confidence and feeling that they still have a lot of knowledge to pass on to other generations. So all these ideas for a more sustainable society were discussed with our 36 guests who are part of the project’s target groups: seniors, adult educators and representatives of education organisations. Together with our facilitator Alina Boștină we discussed important topics such as the professional skills, personal qualities, knowledge and hobbies of seniors that can benefit the current generation of young people.

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Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 9th of December 2022

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