SENIOR Training Course

Between 23th – 27th of May it took place the LTTA (Learning, Training and Teaching Activity) of the strategic partnership “Supporting Elderly Needs Is Our Responsibility” hosted by our partners Petit Pas Aps from Italy. All partners from Romania – TEAM4Excellence Association and Voluntariat pentru Viață, Spain – DESES-3 Association, Poland – INBIE and Italy – Petit Pas Aps came with activities focused on the relationship between the elderly, their educators and the impact of the technology in society.

In the first days, from INBIE approached the drug abuse and memory loss problems, while DESES-3 came with a another practical activity with the aim of demonstrating the difficulty seniors with different disabilities while learning how to use technology. From Voluntariat pentru Viață we learned more about Occupational theraphy and the need of seniors to be more envolved in society through sharing experiences. Then, our association provided group activities concentred about communication between social workers and seniors that can decrease the social stigma called ageism and empower both groups. Thanks to Petit Pas we had the opportunity to talk with a lawyer about raising awareness about the scams that happen to seniors across Europe. During training days, we changed experiences and social beliefs about seniors that exists in each partners’ countries.The training courses achieved project’s goals by making us more informed and aware about educational methods to reduce senios’ problems so we can introduce them into technology in a more sustenable way.

Location: Trani, Italy

Date: 23-27th, May 2022

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