The Fourth Transnational Project Meeting in Romania

On 6 September 2022, TEAM4Excellence organised in Agigea, Romania, the fourth SENIOR transnational project meeting to establish the latest project management strategies.

Supporting Elderly Needs Is Our Responsibility – SENIOR is a strategic partnership between the following organisations that were present at the meeting:

The meeting focused on the project results, the online training course and practical activity scenarios. The partners first talked about the Moodle Architecture and the multimedia content of the course. They will create a guide for online learners. Then, they discussed the online piloting and recognition period, where they will develop quality indicators and surveys.

After that, partners presented practical activity scenarios, where they set the dates for implementing and piloting the practical activity scenarios and for collecting feedback. TEAM4Excellence presented the latest issue of Training Club Magazine, which is dedicated to the SENIOR project and in which there are workshop scenarios that have already been piloted by partners.

In the last part of the meeting, participants talked about the dissemination strategy and future multiplication events, taking into account the desired quality, risk management and organising. They also discussed the current financial situation of the project and the next deadlines and details.

Location: Agigea, Romania

Date: 6th of September 2022

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