Online Focus Group

On June 17th, our partners from Turkey participated in a focus group on gamified pedagogical methods organized by KMEM. It was organized in hybrid mode with participants from VET Institutions, within the GAME-BASED LEARNING COURSES (INNOVET) project.
They started with some examples of gamification, and some good practices to encourage and motivate VET teachers to use gamification in schools. Among the topics, they discussed how can be students motivated to join an online educational game.

Each participant shared their own ideas about the relevant aspects of gamification, how we could make the game elements attractive during the lesson, and the most appropriate motivational elements added to gamification through a survey.

In the end, they concluded all the aspects discussed during the focus group to improve the project activity. At the same time, they analyzed together the answers collected through the survey.

Location: Hybrid, Turkey

Date: 17th June 2022

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