Game-Based Learning Training Course

On the 18th and 22nd of July, we participated in a course within the Game-Based Learning: Innovative e-learning pedagogies for VET educators project Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership. The course took place in Napoli. As you know, the INNOVET project’s aim is to support VET providers deliver attractive online learning experiences with the use of gamification.

For this, we work with our international partners:

In the first two days, we talked about presentations and ice-breaking, learning outcomes evaluation tools and expectations assessment.
Was presented with the 5- Stage Model of e-Learning which was good practice for us in the future.

An interesting thing was the Bloom Taxonomy which presents how we should learn a new thing. In other words, the first step is to remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and after that to create.

In the last few days, each partner presented good practices for teaching. Some partners adopted games like FunGo, which contains concept-based questions regarding mathematical functions.

On the other hand, was presented with the co-creation tools and set up the international working groups.

In the end, we wrapped the activities up, evaluated and we closed remarks for all days of the meeting.​

Read the press release here: EN | TR | IT | RO

Location: Naples, Italy

Date: 18th to 22nd of July, 2022

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