INNOVET Multiplier Event, Turkey, December 2023

On the 27th of December, Konya Provincial Directorate of National Education, our INNOVET project partner had the pleasure of welcoming many guests to the multiplier event of the Erasmus+ project INNOVET – Game-Based Learning: Innovative e-learning pedagogies for VET educators. Teachers and representatives of educational institutions from Konya, Turkey met the project team to learn about the latest education techniques developed within Erasmus+ projects.

The event started at 10.00 with the opening speech of our lead partner who presented the opportunities of the Erasmus programme and lifelong learning, with examples from the implementation of the INNOVET project. The results of the INNOVET project were explained, including the series of good practices of game-based learning collected throughout the project. Afterwards, the educational ecosystem developed together with the national and international project partners was shown. Among the results:

During the conference, participants discussed the inclusion of games in classes and the knowledge and abilities required to create game-based experiences for learners. In response to the need to integrate game-play into classes, INNOVET project team presented “Want to be a millionaire” an online course which is available with self-registration on the INNOVET digital education ecosystem. Moreover, participants were provided with access to the Erasmus community of teachers using game-based learning and with the steps to actively share games among the community.

Willing to offer examples of the application of game-based learning, green and digital for the courses included in VET students’ curricula, it was promoted the “Reduse, Reuse, Recycle” online course.

Concluding the event, the feedback received confirmed that the project was a resounding success, bringing together relevant stakeholders to explore innovative e-learning pedagogies.

Location: Konya, Turkey
Date: 27 December 2023

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