Explore Business Ideas

At 25th-May 2022 at Eyüpsultan Vatan Anatolian High School was an event about how to Explore the Business Ideas within the Erasmus + Partnership Entrepreneurial Mindset. The event was organized by Governorship of Istanbul.
The aim of the event was to support participants, including those with fewer opportunities, searching for a good social enterprise example. The educational materials used during the event were developed by all project partners:

The role in the event was overall recap of EnMind Project, introduction to activities, creating groups, giving guidance about the activity details.
The objectives of this event was to analyzing social enterprise examples in all aspects.
During the activity the participants had to group. To begin with, everyone had to make sure they had an internet connection. He had to look for information about two social enterprises in their country and / or region that created a social impact.

The last step was to answer four questions:

What social business model do they adopt?
Whom do they address?
What values do they propose?
What social impact do they want to create through these businesses?
It was a fun way for participants to learn new things.

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Date: 25 May 2022


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