Limiting Fake News, November 2023, Romania

On 7th November 2023, Aranzazu del Pozo, Nicoleta Acomi and Laura Cristina Popescu went to Liceul Tehnologic IG Duca to host the workshop: “Fake NEWS”.

We live in an era where the news is getting harder and harder to trust. Bad news, media bias, sarite, clickbait, conspiracy theory and deepfake are the type of fake news that we are trying to identify and avoid in our everyday life. The workshop had different activities that were presented to the students to understand the subject in a fun and interactive way, so that the students could understand better. The students were calm and they were paying attention to the presentation, as well as asking questions about the subject presented.

This activity was about the danger and how to detect fake news in our everyday scroll on social media and beyond. Read all our stories from our activities here.


Location: Constanța, România

Date: 7 November 2023

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