Digital citizenship: fake news, October 2023, Romania

On Thursday, October 26, our volunteers went to the Ovidiu Gymnasium school to carry out an activity and raise awareness about misinformation on the internet. The children learned about fake news, misinformation, how to be critical and identify them, the types of fake news and the importance of being a web user and using the Internet safely. This non-formal activity is part of the Digital Citizenship project of the Team4Excellence association, which brings safe tools and awareness to the youngest people.

Participants enjoyed a spider-gram, understanding how to search for sources and resources on Google, and indicating by reliable methods whether a series of news stories were true or false. The volunteers included explanatory videos and visual resources to facilitate the understanding of the new generations.

Courses for all ages are available on the web to promote online growth and the values ​​of reliable information.


Location: Ovidiu, Romania

Date: 26 October 2023

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