Using the SCAMPER method to improve the process of promoting educational activities

In November and December 2022, TEAM4Excellence organised two piloting sessions for the Romanian language course “Creativity and Art” within the Erasmus+ project “New Dimensions of the Disruptive Impact on the Art and Creativity in Digital Social Innovation” (CreArt).

The workshop “Using the SCAMPER method to improve the process of promoting educational activities” took place at the Maritime University of Constanta and involved a group of 14 university professors and adult educators who worked in teams to find the most innovative solutions to promote vocational education found at the Maritime University. Participants collaborated in groups to find what could be substituted, combined, adapted, modified, put in another order and rearranged to achieve greater impact in educating future generations. Thus, they found the SCAMPER method very useful and it creates a much freer and creative context where valuable ideas are born.


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Location: Constanta, Romania

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