Citizen Media for Constanza Youth, September 2023, Romania

Proud of the results of “Citizen Media into daily youth work” Erasmus project achieved by partners form Germany, Spain, Hungary and Romania, we choose to make an ample promotion with the occasion of the European Researchers Night, celebrated in Constanta on the 29th of September 2023.

The organizational team composed by our staff that worked to the elaboration of online courses for video content making, our volunteers that piloted them, as well as our project manager that invited the most relevant stakeholders, we promoted the valuable results of CiMe project. The event aimed at expanding the scope of the program and the possibility of young people to take the courses available on our platform, open and informative.

The most important things of this project are eTutorials for creation, an online platform with knowledge, material and an informative magazine. In today’s world, digital tools are essential to understand education, the environment and personal development. Therefore, the participants showed interest and talked with our volunteers about the importance of being independent and staying safe on the internet.

Youth workers, professors and teachers from Constanta schools asked about the project results, talking about holding workshops in their classes for the children to prepare them for the future. They want to train their students in necessary skills for daily life, content creation and have a secure presence in social media.

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Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 29 September 2023

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