How to Use Brainwriting for Quick Idea Generation

Thanks to our workshop “How to Use Brainwriting for Quick Idea Generation”, participants experienced Brainwriting and a new method for generating creative ideas and solutions to a problem. Brainwriting offers everyone equal opportunities to participate in the discussion and allows all members of the group to think and get involved without any block.

As its name implies, Brainwriting uses writing as its creative modus operandi, where it differs is we want people on their feet. Each participant wrote down an idea (or ideas) they would like the group to consider on a piece of flip chart paper posted on the wall. Young People walked round the room and add comments to the initial idea to trigger a build-on the original idea or trigger an entirely new idea. Ideas end up being posted around the room for everyone to see and read.

Once the 5 minutes were over we moved on to the second round. The moderator collected the sheets, shuffled them and then distributed them again. He asked everyone to generate three more ideas about the new document they just received. When all the rounds are over (we decided to do 3 rounds), we collected the papers and wrote all the ideas on a board for everyone to see.

This workshop developed during the Entrepreneurial Mindset project, allowed even the most shy and introverted young people to participate and collaborate, and a sub-group of 3 people was created who decided to pursue a business idea.

Location: Trani, Italy

Date: 27 Aug 2021

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