BeBlue Training Course

Finding a job can be really challenging for young people who finished their studies. If you work or intend to work in the blue economy, most probably you are looking for a job when you cannot find one, or for a better job when you already have one.

Between the 18th – 22nd, it took place the LTTA (Learning, Training and Teaching Activity) in Cala d’Or, Spain. During this activity, we discussed the ways in which young people who finished their studies can get a job in the blue economy field. We discussed the processes that are needed and how to design them to work in the online environment, we created the ideal mentoring platform and we discussed what documents are needed in order to work in the online environment. We also discussed procedures for working in the online environment and best practices in e-mentoring.

The event is part of the KA2 strategic partnership called “Be Blue” and organized by the 3 partners, Association TEAM4Excellence from Romania, Sea Teach from Spain, and Osmaniye Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu from Turkey.

Read the press release here: EN | TR | SP | RO

Location: Mallorca, Spain

Date: 118-22 April 2022

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