Art & Creativity, January 2024, Romania

Recently, on January 23th and 25th, a captivating and enriching activity unfolded, bringing together a group of enthusiastic teenagers to explore the realms of art and imagination. The class, led by passionate volunteers Team4Excellence, aimed to inspire the participants to embrace their creative sides while highlighting the notion that creativity is a muscle that can be developed and strengthened.

To engage the teenagers actively, a playful yet thought-provoking game was introduced. Participants were tasked with combining two seemingly unrelated words and using them as a springboard for creative expression. This exercise aimed not only to stimulate their imaginative faculties but also to demonstrate that inspiration can arise from the most unexpected places.

At Team4Excellence, we encourage young people to create and make an impact in the world. Together with our volunteers, these activities are possible and beneficial for everyone.

Location: Constanța, România

Date: 23th and 25th January 2024

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