Sport for seniors, health and active life, July 2023, Romania

On 18 July, TEAM4Excellence Association hosted an intergenerational meeting within the Erasmus+ The Learning Age project at the association’s office in Constanta, Romania.

Dr Gheorghe Dumitru told us about his professional experience as former sports doctor for the Romanian national teams in rowing, football, skiing and gave us tips for a healthier life through sport. He was one of the first teachers in Romania to participate in Erasmus activities in the 90s and also talked about his experience in the programme.

In relation to sport, he talked about the criteria we should respect when doing sport, regardless of age. He encouraged us to exercise three or four days a week on a regular basis, taking into account the intensity of physical movement and its benefits for the heart. In his book “Health through Sport for Everyone” you can learn more about medical information and physical practices that can lead to wellness.

Together with Dr. Dumitru, we filmed a video on the subject of health and sport for the next project outcome of the AGE, so we encourage you to watch the interview with him on our platform. He was also interested in other aspects of life, such as recycling, being a model of active participation in society as senior.

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Location: Constanta, Romania
Date: 18 July 2023

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