On the first week of January, as all Romanian students are still celebrating holidays, we are now at work in the University of Constanta.

Filled with renewed energy thanks to our holiday breaks we are working on the reports of our workshops. Of course we are evaluation for ourselves what we could improve in the future, despite all the positive responses and inquiries from all over Constanta.

In addition, we are also hoping that our reports can add something to the schools we have visited. We hope our reports reach the right people who are able to make changes that help change the experiences of Constanta’s students in a positive way.

Along with our classic workshops such as the ‘Create your own Social Media Platform’ and the ‘Improve your own High School’ we want to attempt to create at least 1 more workshop, which we will hopefully be able to tailor to the specific demands of the students in Constanta, which we have grown to know better and better each time we conducted a workshop.

To all the students in Constanta we would like to say: enjoy the last week of your holidays. And when you find yourself traversing the cold again to go to school, you might end up lucky and find yourself in the middle of one of our workshops.