Training course: Youth for Earth: Empowering Change-Makers

Youth for Earth

Name: Youth for Earth: Empowering Change-Makers

Topics: Sustainability, Youthwork, non-formal education

Duration: 3rd – 9th of December 2023

Location: Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Deadline: If you want to apply fill the form as soon as possible

Driven by an enduring commitment to training and empowering the younger generation in an era where environmental consciousness is burgeoning, ‘Youth for Earth’ is born. Engaging closely with youth, we’ve noticed their heightened concern and aspiration to contribute to our planet’s sustainability. However, they grapple with fundamental questions: How can they enact tangible change? What practical steps can they take in their daily lives to combat environmental challenges?

The pressing need for our mission is underscored by recent findings. Reports show a continuous surge in worry about climate change. A global survey indicates that 80% of the youth consider climate change as the paramount threat to humanity today. Moreover, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that the opportunity to prevent catastrophic global warming is swiftly diminishing.”

General goal & focus of the program

  • Absence of understanding regarding sustainable practices and their adoption in everyday routines.
  • The requirement to provide organizations with efficient resources to generate educational and captivating content aimed at reaching the youth.
  • Significance of engaging the community in awareness campaigns and advocating for responsible consumption

Participant profile:

  • 18-25 years old
  • Interested & involved in professional development
  • Interested & involved in facilitation
  • With, or preferably without any previous experience with Erasmus+ projects;
  • Excited to improve facilitation, communication cooperation, leadership, & resilience skills;
  • Active and creative.

Some logistical information:

  • arrival – 3rd of December , 11:00;
  • first sessions – 3rd of December, 14:00;
  • departure – 9th of December, after 17:00;
  • you can stay 2 extra days (before or after the training course), however you should cover the accommodation and food on the extra days. 

If you want more details please read the infopack.


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