#Together we live

Name: Together we Live

Topics: Training course for inclusion, Tolerance, Social & Cultural Diversity, Theater, Dance and Creativity

Duration: 24th of July to 2 August of 2019

Location: Verbania, Italy

Deadline: If you want to apply fill the google forms before 24 of July 2019

Description of the Project:

Together we live is aimed at including newcomers and rural youth, among other marginalized and minority groups, experiencing more social disparities because of the structural barriers they face every day. We want to confront on these barriers with are geographical or situational, by connecting young people who stem from histories of marginalization, discrimination and other social injustices.

Belonging to one or an intersection of these identities increases a youth’s risk of unemployment and social exclusion. In this framework we want to activate marginalized Young people to find strategies to overcome the barriers they face and impeding their social integration, supporting them toward a better access to support services, economic restrictions. Final goal is empower marginalized Young people and increase the chances to reach a good life quality and be active in the community.

Reducing barriers to integration for marginalized youth within a community will require the help of the young people who experience these barriers. This is why this youth exchange want to engage marginalized and minority youth to think and confront on ways to make their community a more inclusive place for young people. We want to help marginalized and minority youth to be aware that they have diverse knowledge, perspectives and lived experiences that, if tapped into, can greatly enrich European community cohesion efforts.

The final goal is to realize a social campaign spreading youth considerations for engaging rural, newcomer youth in the construction of a more inclusive Europe.

The project result will be the enhancement of the wish and ability of the Young people to take part in the democratic life in Europe as active and critical citizens. A long-term goal for the project is to raise participants; their awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries through reducing of the negative influence of intolerance and discrimination.

If you want more information, here is the infopack

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