#Do you know you have the right?

Name: Do you know you have the Right?

Topics: International Youth Exchange about Human Rights, empathy, equality, dignity and respect

Duration: 6th-17th of November 2019

Location: Łódź, Poland

Deadline: If you want to apply fill the google forms before 6 of November 2019

Organization: Edu4You, Poland

Description of the Project:

In this project wi will have the next program to learn in non formal education the rights that we have for being European.

  • Linguistic and cultural preparation.
  • Among others multicultural evening
  • Visiting the most interesting places of the city with a guide
  • Video-cartoon workshop:
  • Short debate on human rights
  • Trip to the international exhibition at EC-1. Viewing 160 original drawings and 200 works devoted to famous heroes in comic book format.
  • Lecture on comics
  • Laboratory workshops – building a comic book script.
  • Learning simple ICT tools for comic design.
  • Designing the first characters and background in a computer program
  • Developing a multimedia presentation from built comic strips, situational photos and assembled videos.
  • Building an outline of school activities using multimedia material.
  • Presentation of video comics.

If you want to know more about this youth exchange read this infopack