#Intimate Responsability

Name: Intimate Responsibility

Topics: Training Course about Sex Education

Duration: 10th – 17th of November 2019

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Organization: Fundacja po DRUGIE, Poland

Deadline: If you want to apply fill the google forms before 10 of November 2019

Description of the Project:

The main goal of the project is to organize in Poland training for professionals
working with young people, that concentrate on building normal, mature attitudes towards intercourse, relationships and parenthood (including making informed decisions about it).

The action is also aimed at preventing risky sexual behavior and health promotion. 

Joint training (6 days + 2 days of travel) is aimed at improving the skills of  professionals working with youth (pedagogues, psychologists, social workers) in the field of sex education, how to provide reliable information to young people about their sexuality and prevention of inappropriate attitudes and behaviors.

As part of the training, a scenario of preventive workshops will be created (in cooperation with all participants), which will be implemented and disseminated in the networks of all national partners.

If you want to know more about this project, here is the infopack.

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