Digital Entrepreneurship Accelerator

Training DEA

Name: Digital Entrepreneurship Accelerator

Topics: Entrepreneurship, digital competences, innovative educational methods

Duration: 23/08/2021 – 01/09/2021

Location: Bansko, Bulgaria

Deadline: 14/07/2021

Description of the Project:

Most of the professions nowadays are greatly affected by automation, digitalization and robotisation. New jobs that require special knowledge and skills in the digital environment are appearing every day. Robots, artificial intelligence and automation are likely to continue to replace mundane and repetitive jobs, while those seeking work will need to acquire and regularly refresh their digital skills in order to maintain their employability. The digital transformation of the economy means that almost all jobs now require some level of digital skills.

The primary aim of the DEA project is the education of youth workers that will be able to transfer the gained skills, tools and knowledge towards young new digital entrepreneurs. The training course that will be implemented will in long run enable young people to engage in entrepreneurship through digital environment through the use of digital tools.

Profile of the participants:

  • All participants have to be over 18 years old and have residency in the sending country;
  • All participants should speak and understand English;
  • Youth workers, mentors, facilitators, teachers, NGO staff;
  • Participants with fewer opportunities will have priority. 

You can read more about the project here.

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