Robo Youth Meeting, June 2021, Turkey

During 25-27th of June, our team traveled to Turkey to meet with partners from Turkey and Poland in the project “ROBO YOUTH – Partnership for innovative new technology education”, an Erasmus + Program Strategic partnership in the field of innovation, that runs from 2019 to 2022.

Some of the objectives of the meetings were:

  1. Discussions of SWOTs of the education program concept
  2. Discussion on Erasmus Robotics Competition
  3. Presentations of each partner for implemented project parts.

We had the opportunity to visit the interior of the technology bus, which was supplied and put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality, was equipped with robotics, STEM, and technological facilities, which were donated by Adana Southern Rotary Club and projected by TRS Turkish Robotics. This bus aims to provide direct scientific services to children and young people in rural areas.

The meeting was organized and hosted by de Nur Özdemir, Operations Director of TRS Turkish Robotics, who prepared the technical infrastructure of the science bus.

Location: Adana, Turkey

Date: 25th of June 2021

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