Technological hope

The Roua Center and Team4Excellence hosted a captivating event for adults at the ROUA office in Constanta.

In an era where technology continuously evolves and shapes our daily lives, there’s an undeniable sense of excitement and hope. This optimism stems from the potential of technology to solve some of our most pressing challenges, enhance our quality of life, and open new avenues for creativity and innovation. Recently, we had the privilege of hosting a presentation and workshop focused on “Technological Hope.” This event was not just an opportunity to showcase cutting-edge advancements but also a platform for collaborative learning and inspiration.

Following the presentation, our workshop provided participants with the opportunity to engage directly with the technologies discussed. Participants designed future technologies in the fields of energy, logistics and well being animals.

By fostering an environment of learning, collaboration, and inspiration, we aim to contribute to a future where technology serves as a beacon of hope and progress.


Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 28 June 2024

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