On Thursday, 7th April, we organized a workshop using the TECHBYRINTH application which was created through the Erasmus+ project. The workshop was delivered by our staff for students from the Carol High School in Constanta.

During the workshop, the students were invited to use the ESCAPE THE TECHBYRINTH mobile application, which is available download for free from App Store and Google Play. To foster student’s engagement and motivation, we offered prizes for those with best score results. The prizes for third, second and first place were a mobile phone running bag, a T-shirt and a pair of wireless headphones.

Some students got maximum score, while others less. One of the key ideas from using the App was that there are still lots of digital skills to improve. To improve digital skill of youth, in the TECHBYRINTH project we developed the “New tech, new threats” educational KIT. The Kit includes an informative manual for youth and a training plan with methodological guide for trainers and youth workers. We invite you to use our App and Kit to learn and have fun at the same time.

Location: Carol High School, Constanta, Romania
Date: 7th of April 2022

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