TECHBYRINTH – Closing meeting in Constanta

After 18 months of collaboration with youth and youth workers to validate Educational KIT – NEW TECH, NEW THREATS and to test Mobile APP- ESCAPE THE TECHBYRINTH, we are finally at the end of the implementation period of the Erasmus+ project “Find your way out the digital addiction labyrinth”.

We successfully achieved the objectives of the projects and we proudly: 

  • Provide youth workers educational tools which allow them to improve the usage of technology in their work and the quality of training programs related to topic 
  • Support young people to identify the good and bad uses of technology and internet 
  • Enable youth workers access to knowledge regarding the responsible and useful usage of digital competence 
  • Contribute to reducing the risks of the misuse of the new technologies 
  • Promote the responsible usage of the new technologies

The final transnational project meeting took place in Agigea, Romania on the 4th of April 2022 and brought together representatives of all partners. The main objectives of the meeting were to conclude and reflect on the project results, on the cooperation between partners and not less important, to decide on continuing the fruitful collaboration for addressing youth issues.

Location: Agigea-Constanta, Romania

Date: 4 April 2022

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