Summer Language Coffee №2

On 10th of July, Team4Excellence hosted the second Summer Language Coffee event, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Participants actively shared their opinions throughout the workshop, contributing to a rich and diverse discussion.

We started with a brief introduction session to make a more open and friendly environment. Once everyone was warmed up, participants were ready to join the subsequent game.

After a short introduction to the general concept of sustainable events, we explained the game’s rules. Participants had to fill in a table, noting the cultural, economic, social, and environmental impacts of the different events. Every 5 minutes, the sheets were passed clockwise, allowing everyone to contribute their thoughts to each category.

The workshop was filled with laughter and light-hearted moments, making the learning process enjoyable. It was a powerful reminder that every event, regardless of its size, holds the potential to make a meaningful positive impact on our world.


Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 10th July 2024

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