Summer activities, June 2024, Romania

Volunteers recently organized two engaging activities at school focused on summer fun, creating an interactive and enriching experience for the students.

The first activity was a memory game aimed at boosting students’ memory and teamwork skills. Students listed items they’d pack for a vacation. The first student would say, “In my luggage, I need sunglasses,” and each subsequent student would repeat the list and add their own item, like “In my luggage, I need sunglasses and sunscreen.” This game encouraged active participation, teamwork, and enhanced vocabulary and memory skills.

The second activity was a creative task where students crafted their “Summer Bucket List” in groups. Using poster boards and markers, each group brainstormed and designed a poster listing their desired summer activities. They used drawings and creative writing to make their posters unique, then presented them to the class, explaining the significance of each activity. This fostered creativity, planning, teamwork, and communication skills.

These activities created a dynamic learning environment, different from traditional classroom activities. They provided a fun, interactive way for students to develop essential skills like memory, creativity, planning, and teamwork. Focusing on summer activities naturally increased students’ motivation and enthusiasm. These activities support holistic education by addressing cognitive, social, and emotional development, making learning more comprehensive and enjoyable.

By incorporating such activities, volunteers offered a well-rounded and enriching experience that prepares students for both academic and personal growth, ensuring they have a productive and enjoyable summer.


Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 4th June 2024

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