SUCCES Volunteering, July 2023, Romania

Between 19 and 22 July, the event SUCCES Volunteering – Support for Management and Contracting in the European Solidarity Corps, organised by the National Agency for Community Programmes in Vocational Education and Training in Romania, took place in Bucharest, Romania. This course aimed at facilitating access to information on the implementation of funded volunteering activities in compliance with the framework documents of the European Solidarity Corps programme. For two days we participated in workshops and networking sessions with other organizations in the country that are supported by the European Union to learn about new educational tools or implementation practices that will be useful in the future.

Two participants from TEAM4Excellence Association, Ovidiu Acomi and Nicoleta Acomi, learned best practices for a quality implementation of volunteering activities funded by the European Solidarity Corps. They also learned new and updated information about specific contractual, financial and reporting obligations and became familiar with the electronic tools used in the life cycle of projects funded through the European Solidarity Corps.


Location: Bucharest, Romania

Date: 19-22 July 2023

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