Step Forward, an Activity on Human Rights

We were pleased to give a workshop on human rights for 7th grade students at Agigea’s school. We aimed to raise the awareness of students about inequalities in the enjoyment of basic human rights safeguarded by some international conventions.

We used the activity “Step Forward”: students were in teams and were given a character card. Each character had a different living situation. Facilitators said statements, and if teams thought it was true for their character, they had to take a step forward.

As the weather was warm, it was great to be able to do the activity outside, despite sometimes having problems to hear correctly because of the sound of cars. Students enjoyed being outside and able to move a bit instead of being in a classroom.

As the activity went on, some groups were isolated from others, barely taking any steps forward. This made those groups feel a little isolated, making the whole class be more conscious of the reality some people in the world can live.

They were a little shy to discuss at the end of the activity, but we believe that we managed to make them more aware of the differences between the theory and the reality of human rights and the still very present inequalities in the world but also in a country.

Location: Agigea, Constanta

Date: 10th of June 2021

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