From needs analyses to course curricula for supporting elderly

On May 23rd 2022, Fundacja Instytut Badan i Innowacji w Edukacji (INBIE) organised the activity From needs analyses to course curricula for supporting elderly for seniors and adult educators in Radom, Poland. The event aimed at sharing the “Essential needs of educators to support seniors”, „Supporting Elderly: A Practitioner’s Guide” and the results that are available and ready to be freely used by adult educators and other stakeholders in the field of adults. The main objective is increasing the awareness of adult educators, facilitators and their organization about the identified needs and about the approach for addressing the essential needs.

31 participants attended the multiplier event and were selected based on their capacity of supporting seniors in education and social care system:

  • Educators, facilitators and volunteers who support seniors as potential users of the research results in their regular activity with seniors
  • Seniors – giving testimonials will help to raise public interest about active aging.
  • Seniors active in social work to use the results and give feedback for the proposed approach
  • NGOs, organizations that support seniors in education and social care system, adult educators and volunteering centres who can integrate in their range of activities the results of the project

INBIE staff delegated to this activity presented the aim and objectives of the project, with the aim to increase the visibility of Erasmus+ programme and EU funds together with the results of the research for essential needs of educators and the ways in which participants can use it by themselves for proper improvement of their organization services provided to seniors. After that, they involved participants in a group activity to discuss about the most appropriate approach for addressing the needs. The interaction between the participants and the trainers played an important role in the successful implementation of the multiplier event.

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Location: Rodom, Poland

Date: 23rd of May 2022

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