Rise & Shine - Second Online Meeting

On 21st of June, project partners participated in the second online meeting for the Rise & Shine project. This project is a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing the well-being of youth workers to improve their ability to support young people’s mental health. It brings together partners from various countries to provide training, resources, and support for youth workers, focusing on their well-being and resilience.

During the meeting, participants discussed the progress in each work package. They reiterated the dedication to empowering youth workers by boosting their well-being and resilience through international collaboration, ultimately enhancing mental health support for young people.

The first newsletter in English was created for Work Package 1, marking a significant milestone in our communication efforts. In Work Package 2, Youth Worker Well-being Planner and Reflective Practice Journal development is still in progress. Partners continue to work on these tools, which are intended to enhance youth workers’ mental health and resilience through daily activities and reflection.

In Work Package 3, partners discussed Well-being and Resilience Toolkit progress. This toolkit includes a 12-hour CPD training covering crucial topics such as understanding youth mental health and trauma-informed practices, along with 18 active learning activities focusing on emotional self-regulation and resilience building.

For Work Package 4, participants revisited the key objectives of Policy Learning, Peer Support, Promotion, and Sustainability. These include facilitating knowledge exchange and best practice sharing among youth workers from different countries to promote their well-being and address issues faced by the young people they work with, forming a transnational peer support network. Additionally, this package aims to promote wider awareness of the Rise & Shine project by showcasing its goals, activities, and achievements to stakeholders, policymakers, and the youth work community.

At the end of the meeting, we set the date for the next online meeting to continue our discussions and monitor progress.

By focusing on the well-being of youth workers, Rise & Shine aims to create a supportive and resilient environment, enhancing their capacity to effectively support young people’s mental health!


Location: Online

Date: 21st June 2024

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