"povestESC" Training Course, July 2023, Romania

On 21-25 July 2023, the National Agency for Community Programmes in Vocational Education and Training organised in Bucharest, Romania, a course on communication, dissemination and exploitation of results entitled “povestESC” aimed at organisations with Quality Certificates, which are carrying out voluntary activities funded by the European Solidarity Corps. The project had the support of elite trainers from the Erasmus+ Trainers Network. The representative of TEAM4Excellence Association, Camelia Diță, integrated with interest the idea of participating in this training course, motivational and inspirational also for the community served by the organisation.

Under the title “povestESC” of this workshop was the basis of information and best practices related to communication, which is the foundation of any human activity, together with the “real stories” of the organizations present through their members during the five days of the workshop. The theme of the povestESC workshop covered areas related to the European Context of the ESC European Solidarity Corps, the role of communication in achieving the objectives of the programme and in increasing the impact of projects on stakeholders and audiences in communication work. We picked up useful methods and tools in communicating project results, effective planning of communication activities and information dissemination.

Digital tools from the Canva, Lumen 5 and Movavi suite of applications provided a link and a point of connection between learners in being able to create valuable materials for what organisations have to communicate related to their ongoing or ongoing work. The five-day workshop created solid bridges of communication between participants, links were initiated for future partnerships between the organisations represented in the project – with the story behind the reality and the results presented as a benchmark.

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Location: Bucharest, Romania
Date: 21-25 July 2023

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