The youth exchange will be organized in Constanta, Romania. The course will bring together 55 youth from differents part of Europe. The countries are Greece, Turkey, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia, North Macedonia, Lithuania, Germany, Croatia and Romania.

Topics of Media for you.

Most importantly,  all participants will give equal investment at discussion, group work, creative workshops and other activity planning and realization.

In addiction, for a better organization we divide the activities according to the themes under the project topic and tailored each activity cluster to the partner organizations. For example: “Welcome Day”, “Media Games”, “Media & Youth/society”, “Media & Change”, “Critical thinking”, “Media & Countries”, “Media & Visibility” and “Farewell day.”

Project summary

The main objective of the project is to enhance media literacy and critical thinking among youngsters. That will be realized via non-formal learning methods including workshops, discussions, simulation games/role-plays, visiting local radio, experience sharing, storytelling, which will gain valuable outcome.

On the one hand, is interesting to share the different point of views. On the other hand, it will be a good tool to make the youth closer and establish international network. That is to say, communication with different identities, nations, cultural differences and beliefs, etc. so European Union slogan – “United in Diversity” is will be reflect in these activities.

“Problem solving”- OurActivities.
“Problem solving” 4 - OurActivities.
“Problem solving” - OurActivities


In conclusion, the project is expect to produce the below results:

  • improve understanding of media and competences in critical thinking.
  • elevated awareness on media-related issues in their countries, among youth, local communities, etc.
  • enhance communication skills (discussing and debating skills of participants).
  • improve in youth inter-cultural learning skills and behaviors.
  • enhance international network and communication.
  • raise awareness on each other’s culture and traditions.
  • improve skills how to criticize the media and the information delivered.
  • improve networking of young fellows from participating countries.
  • tolerance among different nationalities.

    Project: Media 4 You