Launch of the strategic partnership CiMe

Representatives from our organization participated in a meeting for the launch of a new project, organized in Madrid, Spain. The event is part of the “Integrating Citizen Media into daily Youth Work for empowering Youths with Fewer Opportunities in Digital Citizenship” strategic partnership project, co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

The strategic partnership is implemented by:

During the 2 days voyage, we visited Asociación Muchachos Ciudadescuelas de Formación Sociocultural, which translates into “Town-School for Boys and Girls”. CEMU offers children and youth an alternative to traditional foster care establishments by creating a place where they could grow free of social stereotypes and stigma, and thus facilitate a true social integration.

In terms of the project, we discussed:

  • Corporate Design;
  • Aims and Objectives of the products we are going to create;
  • Deadlines and documents;
  • Dissemination & Communication.

Location: Madrid, Spain

Date: 19th to 20th of October 2021


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