Language Café n°3: Art

Our third edition of the language cafe was all about art: music, movies, books, painting…

We started off with a blind test, where participants showed us that they have a lot of knowledge in that field, despite us trying to trick them. That activity was a good happiness booster.

Then, we played pictionnary: one participant had to draw a movie or a TV show, and the others had to guess what it was. This proved to be quite challenging, but it was also a lot of fun! Some drawings were obvious, but some others required participants to ask questions to get more clues and be able to guess.

Finally, everyone was able to share an artist they particularly like with the others. A great way to expand our horizons.

This was also the third participation in a row for some of our participants, which meant a small gift for them! They received a small bag with treats coming straight from France. All were very pleased with this small surprise (and their taste buds as well!).

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