Human Right Defenders Youth Exchange Lithuania

“Human Rights Defenders ” is a 7 days Youth Exchange project held in Kaunas, Lithuania and gathering participants from 4 countries – Lithuania, Romania, Greece and Estonia to draw the attention to the importance of equality and to gain knowledge about human rights.

This project is for young people who feel discriminated by others, teenagers, they want to know more about their as well as others’ rights. Project is about tolerance and intolerance in their environment and human rights.
Participants will foster respect for each other in their communities, increase self-confidence, will raise voices for their rights or when someone in their environment will be intolerant. This project goals is to promote tolerance and respect for human rights for young people and at the same time to increase social inclusion.

Project‘s topic: human rights, equality, tolerance.

Project‘s objectives:

1. To raise awareness about the concepts of tolerance and human rights, the intolerance situation in 4 different communities for 28 young people until the end of the project.
2. To encourage 28 young people to raise their voices for their own rights as well as for those of others, perceive the power and importance of tolerance and respect for human rights through non-formal learning methods until the end of the project.

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Here we have a short testimonial from the leader of the Romanian group:

”With a rather intense and busy schedule, the project opened the eyes of the participants on the risks that surround us and what are the dangers that can arise from various forms of discrimination! I believe that the success of this project consisted in the variety of methods used from teamwork to direct contacts with locals in the cultural capital of Europe 2022, as well as through individual studies or role-playing games!”

Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

Date: 8-15 April 2022

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