Green Week "Water and Diversity", April 2024, Romania

In honour of Green Week, a special workshop was organized, bringing together international volunteers from TEAM4Excellence and students from Ovidiu and Navodari schools to delve into the importance of natural resources conservation.

During the session, participants were immersed in a profound exploration of natural resources conservation. Since this year focus was on the “Water and Diversity” issue, the discussion pivoted on the intricate relationship between water and the different life forms it sustains. Students gained insight into the significance of safeguarding biodiversity and the vital role that conservation plays in achieving this goal. Additionally, they became aware of common wasteful habits in their daily lives, such as leaving taps running and overwatering plants.

For this week workshop, we decided to divide students into groups, and we asked them to brainstorm together tips or action for conserving different natural resources such as water, wildlife, and forests. Through collaborative efforts, each group outlined practical and effective strategies on flipcharts, fostering a spirit of collective problem-solving.

Finally, teams shared their ideas and we summarized key learnings from the presentation. This collective sharing reinforced the importance of collective efforts in conserving water and protecting the environment.


Location: Ovidiu and Navodari, Romania

Date: 25 April 2024

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