Green Travel Though Multiverse, June 2023, Romania

On 9 June 2023, under the initiative of teachers from the Technological High School “Gheorghe Duca” in Constanta, the International Symposium “Green Travel Through Multiverse” took place at the Maritime University of Constanta, gathering together almost 40 participants from the field of education. The theme of this year’s symposium focused on land, sea, air, special and space and time transportation. Students from Constanta’s high schools produced scientific, creative or photographic works capturing the theme through a personal filter.
The event was organised through a partnership between the following institutions:

The event started with a welcome speech by the rector of the Maritime University of Constanta Violeta Ciucur. Then, Mrs Abdula Melia from the Technological High School “Gheorghe Duca” in Constanta told the guests about the initiatives of the “Green Travel Through Multiverse” Symposium. She talked about the themes addressed, the organization, the possible approaches for future editions and invited the participants to look at the photo exhibition made by students within the symposium.

During the event, TEAM4Excellence Association promoted the volunteering activities organized under the program European Solidarity Corps, presented the online course “Creativity and Art” of the Erasmus+ project “New Dimensions of the Disruptive Impact on the Art and Creativity in Digital Social Innovation” (CreArt), as well as other materials developed within the project.
Facilitators Nicoleta Acomi and Daria Barbu from TEAM4Excellence facilitated a workshop on improving educational events for youth and adults. The participants used the SCAMPER method and applied their creativity as a team to find solutions and methods to create a real impact in the organisation of local educational events. One of the ideas put forward was to replace certain bureaucratic practices within the organisation with digital methods, an initiative that was welcomed by all present. The themes and competition sections for future editions of the symposium were also rethought. As photo-video practices appeal to students, teachers talked about including a video section on topics such as sustainability and green energy. To make an impact, any successful event needs a communication strategy, and here the guests came up with many suggestions for promotion. All the ideas gathered will help education staff and non-profit organisations interested in education to better promote events and competitions for students and teachers. Participants found the SCAMPER method very useful and it creates a much freer and creative context where valuable ideas are born.

About the event:

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Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 9 June 2023

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