Funny Tales from Eurospace

Hello! My name is Alexandru Ivanciu and since November 2019 I am collaborating with Team4Excellence Association.

From 3 to 12 August 2021 I was a group leader in the youth exchange “Funny tales from Eurospace” that took place in Lodz, Poland. This youth exchange gathered together 27 young people from Romania, Turkey and Poland , aged between 18 and 30 years old. In the first part we had the opportunity to get to know each other better, to share stories related to names, how we like to be called and how we don’t like to be called, as well as info related to the country we come from: customs, traditions, stereotypes, food.

In the second part we learned about puppet theatre and how to use our bodies to create something beautiful. In the last part we had the opportunity to apply what we learned and create our own play, which we performed at the Children’s Hospital in Lodz. For this experience I would like to thank the Edu4You Foundation for the organization, the 3 facilitators: Jacek, Woitek and Magda for the information they gave us and the Team4Excellence Association for the opportunity.

Participants from Romania : Cristiana Stavarachi, Ana Pentilescu, Diana Adaji, Liviu Vigu-Giurea, Alexandru Bestelei, Anita Jennifer Szabo, Victoria Cirjaliu, Victoria Berda.
Group leader : Alexandru Cristian Ivanciu.

Location: Lodz, Poland

Date: 3rd to 12th of August 2021

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