Fundraising for NGOs

Between the 25 of October – the 1st of November was the Fundraising Internationally Course within the Erasmus+ project.
At the event, we had 18 participants, including partners from Poland and young people aged 21-35 who was interested in the subject.

During the training, participants learned how to manage funding sources to optimize cash flow and how to think about long-term ways of budgeting the organization. They also learned how to organize a fundraising campaign (organizing an event, developing the project, promoting the event, implementing the event, and measurability of its effects) and learning to profile an offer addressed to donors, completed with the acquisition of additional partners or founders for at least 3 projects.

The participants had during the course to create their own organization and with small steps to become internationally recognized.

On some days they had to create some things about an association and on other days they had to present their fundraising experiences.
Some of us have had a good experience, some a bad experience because when you go to fundraise people are not willing to help you.
It was important for us to hear about the other’s fundraising experience, as they say, it’s good to learn from other people’s problems and not from your own mistakes.
After their presentation, we had to write down the problems encountered during the fundraising, the contingencies and how we managed to cope.

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Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 25th of October- 1st November 2022

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