Follow Us - Piloting, January 2024, Romania

Our team organized a dynamic workshop for young people, willing to become social media managers.

Utilizing the SCAMPER method, participants navigated through innovative strategies and crafted a compelling promo campaign for a university.

The campaign unfolded with a pool survey, engaging future students in shaping the university’s narrative. AIDA method was employed for an event announcement, followed by a behind-the-scenes post. An inspiring graduate interview formed the heart of the campaign, with an invitation link to watch a video. Activity continued with an announcement on constantly evolving market of careers. A catchy slogan and proposed hashtag provided the final strokes, fostering community engagement.

Beyond social media skills, the workshop empowered young people with creativity, strategy, and collaboration—essential for creating enduring digital narratives.

After conducting several workshops, the participants were invited to provide feedback about the content of the course and activity.

Location: Constanța, Romania

Date: December 2023 – January 2024

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