Focus Group "Youth in Crisis"

Young people are a specific group who may face difficulties in their life. They may experience violence at home or school, bullying, addiction, alcoholic parents, ethnic minority, migrants, poverty, homeless, disability, and unfortunately, the list can go on. Often, psychological issues and mental disorders are indirect results of these experiences, deepening the spiral of risky behaviors in many areas. Yet, young people may be reluctant to use institutional help because of stereotypes and social labels of family, friends, and colleagues.

This is why our association, along with 5 more across Europe, decided to tackle the problem. “Online support for youth in risk” is the solution that we are going to implement in the next year. Our partners are:

  1. Slovenia DrogArt Slovenia – Slovensko Zdruzenje Za Zmanjsevanjeskodljivih Posledic Drog Drogart Drustvo
  2. Italy FioPSD – Federazione Italiana Organismi per Persone Senza Dimora
  3. Greece Social Welfare Centre of Central Macedonia Greece
  4. Portugal SOPRO – Solidariedade e Promoção ONGD
  5. Poland Fundacja po DRUGIE
     The starting point of understanding and solving the problems is by asking the youth themselves. On the 14th of June, we organized a focus group, and with help from 7 youngsters, from Romania, Spain, France, Republic of Moldova, and 2 youth workers, we came up with an impressive list of problems that a young person can encounter in their life. We discussed signs, how to prevent, how to solve, and most importantly, where to find help.
    It was a conversation that made us conclude that problems are interconnected and sometimes not very visible to the one who is facing them. Discussing about young people from Romania, and also from France and Spain was a great reminder that at the end of the day, youth that needs help is not so different and they experience confusion and are in need of help no matter their nationality.
Location: Constanta, Romania
Date: 16th of June 2021

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