European Solidarity Corps Semper Avanti

ESC Polonia

Name: According to the project

Topics: International volunteering about education and work with young people, European values, communication

Organization: Semper Avanti

Duration: 12 months, 59 days 

Location: Different locations

Deadline: ASAP

Would you like to work with young people? Are you willing to discover Poland? How about 3 ESC opportunities in this beautiful country? We count on you to make a change in Opole! Come and participate in the intercultural awareness of youth in the area!

The projects:

  1. Activate the local environment, Semper Avanti Opole – human rights and cultural workshops mostly among young ones in schools, but also with elders, supporting office work in ESC department;
  2. Foundation Horyzonty Opole – supporting daily working of the local community center for youths, following kids, helping with homework, learning language, doing workshops;
  3. Foundation Bajkowy Las Opole/Lubniany – following kids in everyday activities, creating activities and games, joining and creating a common space.

The main missions for the volunteer will be:

  1. European cultural openness
  2. Educational and pedagogical mission
  3. Communication

Here you will find the information you need about the projects:

  1. Activate the local environment, Semper Avanti Opole 
  2. Foundation Horyzonty Opole 
  3. Foundation Bajkowy Las Opole/Lubniany.




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