Erasmus+ Impact Discussion Group

On 19th of June TEAM 4 Excellence participated in the Erasmus+ Project impact evaluation survey and focus group, where we had the opportunity to share our experiences and insights about the project we implement. This event was a valuable platform for reflecting on the impact of our projects on local community and discussing best practices with other beneficiaries.

Our involvement in this initiative is part of a larger effort to gather comprehensive information on how Erasmus+ beneficiaries across 11 Member States, including Romania, are building and monitoring the impact of the projects they implement. This survey focuses on projects initiated or completed during the years 2021-2024 and aims to develop tools to help beneficiary organizations maximize the positive impact of their activities.

The survey’s purpose is to collect detailed information on the impact monitoring practices and support needs of Erasmus+ beneficiaries. This data is crucial for understanding the current landscape and identifying areas where additional support may be needed.

Following the survey, Demos Helsinki, hosted small group discussions where participants could share their experiences and views on impact monitoring. These discussions are designed to focus on the specific experiences of small and medium-sized Erasmus+ beneficiaries and are organized according to the key action under which each project falls. Expert facilitators from Demos Helsinki led these sessions, ensuring a productive and insightful exchange of ideas.

During the event, several impactful tools were highlighted and discussed:

  • Erasmus+ Impacttool: This tool helps to measure the impact of Erasmus+ mobility projects, focusing on the skills and competencies gained by participants to assess outcomes and community effects.
  • Impact+ Exercise: aids in reflecting on project outcomes and challenges, helping stakeholders enhance future initiatives through better understanding and evaluation of project impacts.
  • Problem Tree Analysis: This method helps identify the root causes of problems and develop logical project objectives by visualizing problems and their interconnections.
  • Storytelling Toolkit: This toolkit uses personal narratives to measure impact within Erasmus+ projects, providing qualitative insights that complement quantitative data by illustrating the transformative effects of international mobility and cooperation.

These tools will play a crucial role in amplifying the impact of Erasmus+ projects in different countries. We are excited to see the results of these discussions and to keep working with our peers to foster positive change through our Erasmus+ initiatives.


Location: Online

Date: 19th June 2024

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